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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Esher, Surrey, & Online

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Are you struggling with your important relationships or finding it hard to cope with life in general?

Hi, I'm Fiona, and welcome to my web-site. I help people who are going through life and relationship difficulties to not only cope, but also to make positive changes in their lives.

I currently work with individual adults from my private psychotherapy and counselling practice in Esher, Surrey, and online, My aim is to support you to enhance your life and your relationships, and to live life more fully.

I can support you with a wide range of issues, some of which are listed below:

  • Complex experiences with a clinical diagnosis, such as OCD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, BPD, Emotional Dysregulation, Bipolar Disorder
  • Clinical or non-clinical depression
  • Childhood trauma
  • Divorce and separation
  • Relationships and family problems
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Gender, sexual & relationship diversity
  • Self-harm, including eating disorders
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Redundancy

    In addition to my person-centred qualification and core training, I also regularly attend trauma training and take a trauma informed approach to my work. I work with clients who are experiencing more complex issues such as complex post-traumatic stress, hypervigilance, chronic depression, dissociation or severe mood fluctuation. I also support clients who have a mental health diagnosis, such as OCD, BPD, or DID. Trauma related work tends to be more long-term therapy work.

    I work in a non-pathologising way. This means that I don't see difficulties faced by my clients as intrinsic, or as disorders which need to be eradicated from their lives. Instead, I work with my clients to explore their life experiences, so that we can both develop an understanding of how they have arrived at the place they now find themselves, as well as how they would like to move forwards in a way that works for them. Notwithstanding that, I care deeply about what a confirmed or potential clinical diagnosis means to my individual clients, and how they want to be seen and understood in the world.

    My counselling and therapy practice is located in Esher, Surrey, KT10 and is within easy reach of Esher train station and the A3. I am a short drive from Kingston upon Thames or Walton upon Thames, and also conveniently located for Molesey, Hinchley Wood, Oxshott, Hampton Court, Cobham, Weybridge, Thames Ditton, Surbiton, Claygate or Hersham. There is ample free parking outside my practice.

    Not sure if working with a therapist like me is right for you? It's natural to feel hesitant about speaking to a therapist for the first time. Click here to find out a bit more about how I will support you.

    Feeling ready to take the next step? Click here to email me to arrange an initial trial session , so that we can find out a bit more about each other. Please rest assured, you're not making any commitments by speaking to me.
    I typically respond to emails within 24 hours, so if you don't hear back from me, please check your junk mail folder!

  • What I'm reading ...

    Short book review: Life Isn't Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, and In-Between
    by Meg-John Barker and Alex Iantaffi.

    Meg-John Barker is an internationally recognised and hugely influential writer and thinker on gender, sex, relationships and mental health. Alex Iantaffi is an internationally recognized independent scholar, speaker and writer on issues of gender, disability, sexuality and mental health.

    What I really like about Life isn't Binary is the way it challenges us all to think about life and relationships in less binary terms, and more as a really broad spectrum, with many many variations. Meg-John Barker and Alex Iantaffi provoke a debate about how universal truths are in fact anything but, and show readers the necessity of being able to exist in the space of both/and. There are lots of reflection points to make readers stop and consider their own thought processes around relationships, sexuality and gender. Life isn't Binary is a really celebratory approach to the way we humans 'do' relationships and sex, and the book really broadens the reader's horizons. I also love the way the book unpacks what 'gender' really means, how it's constructed socially, and how we can be more open to more than just the male/female terminology. Life isn't Binary is an engaging and exciting read for absolutely anyone who is interested in the topic!

    Life isn’t Binary is available in e-book, and hard copy format (not audiobooks) and is published by JK Publishing.

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    Read this for some useful tips on how to look after your mental health

    Podcasts I love ...

    Can talking about death, loss and grief help us to live? This is an interesting series of podcasts about death and the afterlife. I found it interesting to learn about issues related to death in other cultures and faiths.

    BBC Radio 4's Deep, Down and Desi podcast series

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    Worth a watch ...

    Stacey Dooley: On the Psych Ward

    This programme is an in-depth portrayal of how our mental health services provide care for patients in crisis or suffer from serious or long term mental illness, and help them toward recovery. It seeks to address the stigma of mental health conditions, with the intention of encouraging people to talk more openly and honestly about mental health conditions and to seek help where it is needed.

    It's an hour-long documentary for BBC3 with journalist and documentary filmmaker Stacey Dooley and is available to view here:

    The documentary sees mental health professionals undertaking life-changing decisions about the care of patients, some of which have serious mental illnesses such as eating disorders and emotionally unstable personality disorder, or experience symptoms such as psychosis or delusions. The film documents the range of services and treatment the Trust offers for these conditions, caring for patients to support their recovery so that they can begin to lead the life they want to lead.

    Another informative and insightful piece, sensitively done!